Hi, I'm Christian Arichabala and I design stuff. Look up to see how to pronounce my last name. Look down to see said stuff.

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A promo shot for rapper Billy Conahan.Photo by nataliepestun. Edit by me.
This is a logo for One Sound’s own music exchange, an online group where people share the music they’ve been listening to for an audience that appreciates the art of digging for songs.
A fun illustration I made for the website
It’s finally here: Keystone State of Mind 2.When I was approached by Tayyib Ali to also create the cover for KSoM2, I was excited to try to make it bigger, better and more detailed than the first one. I focused on the buildings way more than I did the first time, and I was picky with finding a photo of him that looked as triumphant as the Philadelphia skyline. I’m proud of this one.Make sure you grab this new mixtape. It won’t disappoint.
Design for Billy Conahan's newest mixtape cover, “Episode II: S.M.O.K.E.”. I wanted to retain the same square shape from “Episode I” but photograph Billy and capture real smoke in the image. I printed and cut out the black square and made him hold it, while using real smoke underneath. Black and white seemed to be the best solution as well.
Flyer for One Sound’s “The Groovement” party at the Village Lantern. Illustration by Keni Thomas.
Flyer for One Sound at Sip City every Thursday night.
Facebook cover photo for Logic’s European tour.
Flyer for One Sound’s New Years Eve party at Sip City
Flyer for One Sound’s night at Pianos, February 8th.
Facebook cover photo for the Waltz-Astoria & One Sound “Ultimate Singer-Songwriter Contest”
Poster for the Waltz-Astoriaand One Sound Label's Ultimate Singer-Songwriter Contest beginning January 31st. 
Flyer for Visionary Music Group's first nationwide tour featuring Logic and Tayyib Ali.
Poster for a made up show called “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”